Mystery Shopping online-analytyc system was introduced in ICT-Marketing

A new innovative online-analytycs system for mystery shopping surveys was sucseccfully introduced in ICT-Marketing. Features of analytical online-platform:

  • Access to the intermediate  results in the course of field works thanks to prompt publication of the visits in analytical online system: formation of comparison tables and analysis results diagrams  by types of divisions, regions etc. on the execution level of customers service standards        
  • Monitoring cycle: continuous access to reporting information for the current and previous reporting periods, comparison of trend data
  • High flexibility in analytical reporting. Multilevel analysis of service quality starting from each manager on out to Company’s integrated index 
  • Differentiation access  to online analysis for different user groups:  one reporting level with summary statistics is for top managers, and another reporting level with access to each visit is for specialists  
  • Instant access to the  information for each visit including comments on each manager in online analysis system   
  • Sending questions and comments to project managers on each visit. Possibility of appeal against reasons of assigned grades for a visit on the part of manager of a location. Authorized employees will give an answer to an appeal on a reason of the assigned grade.   
  • Export of visits  in PDF format
  • Listening to audio recording  on each visit