About us

Consulting company «ICT-Marketing» was established in March, 2006. It specializes in marketing research in the field of telecommunications.

We have experience in research in the following segments of the telecommunications market:

  • Internet and data operation
  • IP, SIP, internet telephony
  • Fixed telephony
  • Mobile telephony
  • Pay TV
  • IT services, system integration
  • Consumer electronics
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Software

Geography of survey: Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Partners from other regions may be involved when necessary.

Advantages of cooperation with ICT-Marketing:

  • Research experience at more than 20 markets of telecommunication services and equipment related to these services
  • Unique database of completed studies of base segments of the telecommunication market in dynamics over the period from 2006  
  • Access to exclusive information related to the RK telecommunication and IT market including access to companies’ internal information.  
  • Analysts with excellent marketing education and long-term experience in marketing research at the telecommunication and IT market.
  • Close cooperation with the most qualified experts in the telecommunication area: industry experts holding leading positions in more than 15 largest industry companies are involved as advisers on projects in Kazakhstan         
  • Tried and tested specialized research methods for study telecommunication services markets             
  • Cooperation and exchange of experience with consulting companies of CIS countries including those ones which specialize in telecommunications research, access to the information on the international practices in development of telecommunications markets.

Middle-sized and large telecommunication companies both from Kazakhstan and outside its national territory are clients of the company.