Focus-groups and depth interviews


Conditions for qualitative research:

Target groups:  focus-groups are used with increasing frequency for population survey, and depth interviews are used for study of company employees’ expert opinions.  

Locations for survey:  in cyber café, at work place, at respondent’s home. Regular cooperation with cyber café of JSC  «Kaztelecom». 

Allowed time of a questionnaire:. not exceeding 3 hours 

Geography: the whole Kazakhstan (urban and rural settlements)

Quality control:

During qualitative research a customer’s representative may follow up the course of an interview on TV screen in a specially allotted room on a real-time basis. In case of necessity a customer’s representative may join a group as one of the participants or as a moderator’s assistant. There’s also a possibility of transmission in the online mode. 

Possible variations of qualitative research:

  • Collage compositions with the use of visual materials (pictures) are possible for description of a pioneer product image. The work shall be done by a respondent independently with the use of different thematic illustrated magazines provided beforehand.  This procedure allows to complement the materials received in the course of survey. The received collages may be used for evaluation of a new product image in the course of quantitative research.   
  • Making photo-reports as“photo of the week”, journalling with writing different thematic mini-compositions which expose lifestyles of target population.        
  • Internet content analysis, exposure of basic consumptive trends through the creation of thematic threads on Kazakhstani forums. That’s one of the low-cost means to collect additional materials about target population.            This work can be carried out alongside with depth interviews.
  • Shop assistants survey related to conventional consumers and their demands, shop assistants’ behavior when they are asked for advice by customers.     
  • Group amicable interviews under conditions close to customary situations (in café, at home, at the university).    

Problems to be solved with the help of qualitative research:

Answering questions «Why? What for? How?»

  • Study of purchasing practice and goods/services consumption practice  
  • Determination of reasons of satisfaction / dissatisfaction by product.  
  • Determination of runaway brand image.
  • Cause analysis of attractiveness /unattractiveness of products/packing/  promotional materials/tariff plan

Volume of executed works:

It’s possible to carry out complete cycle of works from preparation of a guide-plan to making a report as well as ordering field works only (respondents’ recruit and practical arrangements)

Final materials:

  • Audio/video recording of an interview
  • Verbatim records in Word format
  • Analytical reports in formats  Word  or PowerPoint
  • Video film consisting of focus-groups scenes which reflect the most prominent consumer insights