Mystery shopping


Conditions for mystery shopping:

Service quality control methods: phone consulting and personal visits

Geography of survey: the whole Kazakhstan (urban and rural settlements)

Resources for mystery shopping:

Field personnel:  constantly changed base of mystery shoppers

Software: availability of online analytics which enables to make prompt control over inspection results. Software enables to look through inspection results both on computer and mobile devices.Features of analytical online-platform:

  • Access to the intermediate  results in the course of field works thanks to prompt publication of the visits in analytical online system: formation of comparison tables and analysis results diagrams  by types of divisions, regions etc. on the execution level of customers service standards        
  • Monitoring cycle: continuous access to reporting information for the current and previous reporting periods, comparison of trend data
  • High flexibility in analytical reporting. Multilevel analysis of service quality starting from each manager on out to Company’s integrated index 
  • Differentiation access  to online analysis for different user groups:  one reporting level with summary statistics is for top managers, and another reporting level with access to each visit is for specialists  
  • Instant access to the  information for each visit including comments on each manager in online analysis system   
  • Sending questions and comments to project managers on each visit. Possibility of appeal against reasons of assigned grades for a visit on the part of manager of a location. Authorized employees will give an answer to an appeal on a reason of the assigned grade.   
  • Export of visits  in PDF format
  • Listening to audio recording  on each appeal

Multisample quality control:

Quality control – 100% observation cards.

  • All mystery shoppers fill- in observation cards stating visits results and additional comments. A mystery shopper submits the following collected artifacts as evidence of a servicing point visit: pictures, audio recording, samples of contracts, receipts, delivery notes, consultant notes, advertising materials etc.  Manager of a point may be submitted mystery shopper’s form sheet for signature at the end of the visit as additional confirmation of the results.   
  • Regional supervisor makes visual inspection of all observation cards and listens to 100% audio recording files.  In case of any mistakes the results of incorrect visit are deleted and replaced with another mystery shopper’s visit.       
  • Managers of field division listen to 100% audio recording files and compare them with observation cards. In case of any mistakes the results of incorrect visit are deleted and are replaced with another mystery shopper’s visit.        
  • After field works have been fulfilled and observation cards have been analyzed, data is entered online – platform using special software which enables to provide control over correctness of  filling-in and entering information at level of data input  with the help of fixed filters and logical correspondence. Observation card may be accessible for customer’s viewing only after approval by project manager on contractor’s part.  


Strategic missions to be undertaken:

  • Designing the system of consumer service
  • Designing the system of consumer loyalty
  • Designing the program of personnel’s motivation
  • Development of training courses for personnel

Operational targets to be reached:

  • Appraising quality of employees’ work, drawing conclusion on compliance with the requirements of up-to-date customer service standards.  
  • Control over personnel’s honor and  their observance of  position descriptions
  • Creation of personnel’s excellent motivation for quality workmanship – employees will see each customer as a controller after such campaign. The result of such apprehension is evident – service quality will be always at high level.  
  • Expose beneficial and negative impacts of both our Company and competitors.  The result is that rather prominent contrastive analysis may be done.  
  • Appraise quality of store units styling, check correctness of POS-materials use etc.  

Final materials:

  • Audio recording of inspection results electronically in mp3 format.
  • Artifacts received in the course of observation: pictures, samples of contracts, receipts, delivery notes, consultant notes, advertising materials etc. 
  • Final presentation in PowerPoint format.