Online surveys


Conditions for online interviews:

Target groups: survey among inhabitants and on enterprises    

Locations for interviews: in cyber cafe, at work place, at respondent’s home. Regular cooperation with cyber café of JSC  «Kazakhtelecom». 

Allowed time of a questionnaire: not exceeding 20 min. by self-guiding filling-in and not exceeding 60 min. by filling-in together with an interviewer.   This method optimally matches questionnaires with complicated logic transitions or quota tasks which can be automated with the help of software.  

Geography: this method is acceptable for survey in large cities taking into consideration internetization level  in the country.

Procedure of respondents selection:

  • Distribution between populated localities.
  • Selection of potential respondents is made by phone numbers database or with the help of street recruit.       Selection of respondents is made by a screening questionnaire.   A respondent is invited for a basic interview if all filter questions have been passed. A link is sent to respondent’s address or he is invited to a cyber café for filling-in an electronic questionnaire.  

Problems to be solved with the help of online questionnaires:

Answering questions «How many? How often? Who? »

  • Testing of product / packing / advertising material
  • Study of purchasing practice and goods/services consumption habits  
  • Determination of customers’ loyalty level, reasons of satisfaction / dissatisfaction by product
  • Determination of runaway brand image
  • Testing of prices, determination of reasonable prices

Final materials:

  • Database in any convenient format: Excel, SPSS, Pulsar, Access
  • Crosstabs in Excel format.
  • Analysis report in formats Word or PowerPoint