Questionnaire surveys

Door-to-door interviews

Interviews on enterprises

Street interviews

Target group: residents

Allowed time of a questionnaire: not exceeding 60 min.

Procedure of respondents selection:

  • Sample distribution between populated localities.
  • Selection of households on accidental routing. Populated localities are divided into districts. Maximum 15 complete interviews are held in one district. An initial point of a route is set  in a random way by supervisor. The distance between two effective interviews is five addresses.
  • Selection of respondents is made by a screening questionnaire.  All members of a family in each household who answer the description of a task group are interviewed in accordance with a screening questionnaire.  A basic interview is obtained from a respondent if all filter questions have been passed. One respondent is selected from a family by the method of “the latest date of birth” if several members of the family have passed filter questions. Only one respondent at each address is interviewed.

Target group: employees

Allowed time of a questionnaire: not exceeding 60 min.

Procedure of respondents selection:

  • Sample distribution between residential places.
  • Sample distribution in each region is carried out in accordance with regional industrial particularities and business extent. 
  • A list of enterprises to be interviewed is made using existing data base of legal bodies’ contact information.
  • Selection of respondents on each enterprise is made by a screening questionnaire. An employee in charge of matters under inquiry is interviewed on each selected enterprise.  An employee is subject to a basic interview after having passed all filter questions.  Several employees may be interviewed on each enterprise if there are several employees in charge of matters under inquiry.

Target group: residents

Allowed time of a questionnaire: not exceeding 15 min.


The whole Kazakhstan (urban and rural settlements). There is an experience of research in Kirgizia, Mongolia and Uzbekistan. Partners in other countries can be also selected in case of necessity.

Field personnel:

Supervisors managing field works in regions work on a permanent basis in 18 cities of Kazakhstan. Over 300 specially trained interviewers work throughout Kazakhstan. They are instructed prior to each project. Specifically developed guidance manuals, audio and video instructions by specialists of the head office are used for teaching the interviewers.

Multistage quality control:

Visual inspection – 100% of questionnaire package, repeated contact to a respondent - 25% at least, audio recording of a repeated contact is to be made.

  • Interviewers fill- in special sheets stating number of contacts with respondents, reasons for rejections, dates of successful interviews.   A customer may participate in field works together with an interviewer.
  • Regional supervisor makes visual inspection of all questionnaires as well as itinerary sheets of interviewers.  

An independent controller in each city provides 25% control over each interviewer using checklists.  All low-grade interviews are sorted out and worked over after inspection. A customer may attend an inspection at the stage of a follow-up phone call or a visit to a respondent or get audio recording of follow-up calls to respondents.  After field works have been executed and questionnaires have been primarily operated, data is entered into the computer using special software, which enables to fulfill control over correctness of filling- in and entering information with the help of preset filters and logical correspondence

Problems to be solved with the help of questionnaires:

Answering questions «How many? How often? Who?»

  • Determination of market volume and its possibilities
  • Determination of competitive situation at the market: share of market runaway brands, release of weak and strong aspects    
  • Determination of runaway brand health: awareness, attitude, consumption, loyalty   
  • Study of purchasing practice and goods / services consumption habits.
  • Determination of customers’ loyalty level, reasons of satisfaction / dissatisfaction by product 
  • Determination of runaway brand image
  • Determination of reasonable prices
  • Study of communicative effectiveness of advertising campaigns         
  • Determination of profile and consumers’ media preferences, segmentation of customers

Volume of executed works:

It’s possible to carry out complete cycle of works from preparation of a questionnaire to making a report as well as ordering field works only (interviewing and creation of electronic data files)

Final materials:

  • Database in any convenient format: Excel, SPSS, Pulsar, Access
  • Crosstabs in Excel format.
  • Analysis report in formats Word or PowerPoint